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"Hey Rick, 222 optins from 1600 unique hits for a 13.88% conversion rate. 
And over half of those are opting in to my main business site after they see the first offer."
Fred Raley (Note: we had less than 10K on this list at the time)
"Hi Rick, I'm breathless! I had so much response to this Contact Solo AdBlast I didn't get
much work done today at my job.
It's a wonder the Boss didn't fire me! Oh WAIT. I'm the Boss, LOL!  Seriously, I finally wrote a killer Ad
and had it sent to a highly responsive list! I can't thank you enough.
MY ADS STATS AS OF 6:00 PM Eastern:
2291 Hits, 12 Paid Members and 58 Leads! OMG, as they say! And, they just keep coming!"
Patricia Sharpe

"Rick, 871 hits and they are still trickling in, about 140 optins and 5
people signed up
so far. awesome results!! thanks you."
Dave Lenderman (Note: we had less than 10K on this list at the time).


"Hey Rick,I'm very impressed, I had 20 optins in about an hour and
around 500 hits, never had a response like that before and I've been doing
this for around 15 years now. Great value for money. Thanks, Trevor"
Trevor Cato
"I didn't mention my response from the last one was stellar. I've been  moving
and haven't had the time to do much marketing. That last solo really did good.
Sorry, I didn't track the last solo, but I brought in 44 people with
that solo I believe.  I'm tracking the one for Monday so I'll give you
some feedback on that. Best,  Jim"
Jim Lehenbaur
"I placed the ad Yesterday and have today 26 opt in  and 2 sales ...so far.
It was a good enough advertising blitz that the CEO of the website wants to know where
I am running my ads:-)  thank you!"
Lynn Schaus
"I am a new advertiser into my first campaign with you. My servers overnight went
crazy & my stats are through the roof. I'm SOLD."
Gary Putnam

"The results so far have been incredible!!
Over 400 leads and 34 free sign ups..Plus 3 paid referrals..
So I am a little excited to say the least...
Thanks for the awesome help.."
Chris Fondie

"Hi Rick,
Can you please send out my P4Z solo ad (below) at your earliest convenience,
That second ad you sent for me last week got me 194 signups in 24 hours.
This ad is the first of 3 I bought a couple of days ago."
Wayne Gibbens

"My stats counter hit 1751, 179 opted in my lists 69 joined my program
and 37 participated. This is the best results I got so far in my advertising effort.  Thanks  Rick."
Warren Roque
"Thanks a lot Rick already I have 20 sign ups for my program, in less than 12 hours
of the add going out. Wow man, your solos are working great."
Joel Kumar
"Thanks a lot! No.1 in my tracking stats beating the likes of Listbonus, SOTAM,
ListOutbreak etc :) (i attached stat images for your viewing pleasure :) - wow 97% reach! - the most
responsive members :) I've got 25 signups for the last 24 hours - from just this ONE email.
Thank you so much :)"
Farouk Mohd
"The response to the first solo is better than I have ever seen from a single mailing.
Amazing...  If you ever need a testimonial just let me know.
Have a great day,
Ed Forshaw"

"In my 5 plus years that I have been online and tried hundreds of different advertising methods
with traffic exchanges, safelists and solos with some success, however I have to say that I have
been very pleasantly surprised at the response  i've had from the mailing through your [Paid4Zero] solos"
David T. Roberts
"I must say... that solo generated a ton of clicks... way over 1200, and 20 or so signups to a
big ticket webinar.  I highly recommend.. in case you need a recommendation.
Thank you, sir!!"
Greg King

"Hey Buddy, THANK YOU! Paid4Zero solos are awesome! ....34 leads & 8 referrals!"
John Lederer

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